“Formed a majority of actresses and actors with a “disadvantaged”, who live in the theater as a necessity, a place of relationships and social redemption, faces, always with courage strong themes of our contemporary with a visionary aesthetic and empathetic”, and that is what is the law between the other of the motives with which it has been awarded the prestigious “National Award Hystrio Other Muses 2021” to the Company Teatro La Ribalta-Kunst der Vielfalt (Academy Art of Diversity) Bolzano, consists of men and women with and without disabilities to be formed by the critical theatre of the major newspapers, as intellectuals and operators in the sector, it is a prestigious National jury that for thirty years Awards the Hystrio Prize, intended for characters, actors, actresses, theater and dance companies that stand out for their artistic value and the quality of the proposals.
On September 12, at Teatro Elfo Puccini in Milan, the Hystrio altre Muse 2021 Award went to Teatro La Ribalta-Kunst der Vielfalt (Academy of the art of diversity) in Bolzano, with the following motivation: “Teatro La Ribalta has been able to articulate its work not only in the realization of shows, but also of workshops and exhibitions. Formed mostly by “disadvantaged” actresses and actors, who live the theater as a necessity, a place of relationships and social redemption, the company has always courageously tackles strong themes of our contemporary with a visionary and empathetic aesthetic, which often encroaches, with poetry and rigor, in excellent performances of theatrodanza. The repertoire includes fourteen productions that have obtained awards and international recognition, such as Ali (2017), il ballo (2017), Otello Circus (2018) until the original and cruel Un Peep show for Cinderella (2021)”.

This important recognition is added to the board of those already acquired by the company, where there are already a special UBU Award, The Theater Critics ‘ Award ANCT, two Eolo Awards for creations intended for the children and youth sector and a prize for figure theater.
“All this-emphasizes Antonio Viganò, artistic director of the company – is a cultural and theatrical heritage that does not belong only to Teatro La Ribalta-Kunst er Vielfalt, but to an entire community, to the city of Bolzano as to its province, who believed in this “Concrete utopia”. Wherever we performed, in fact, we brought the value of a city and a Province that support cultural activities of social inclusion, with new systems and innovative, that open new doors and new possibilities of life and work is defined as “different” and create the new worlds for the general public/spectators that meet this value.” (S. B.)

The Teatro La Ribalta-Kunst der Vielfalt (Academy of Art of diversity) in Bolzano
Already often present on our pages, even with shows such as Surabile, the award-winning Teatro La Ribalta-Kunst der Vielfalt (Academy of the art of diversity) in Bolzano is a professional theater company made up of men and women with and without disabilities.
His actors do not in any way disguise their condition, rather they base the search for an artistic identity on it. On stage, therefore, we see both disability, and a theater where preparation and technique do not constitute an envelope, nor an external support, but are one with the expression, organically linked to the condition of representing.
The completely “special” abilities of the actors and dancers of the Academy do not intervene to “shape” communication, but constitute the very nature of communication, substantiating its possibilities and truth. In other words, there is no content and container (an existence that we would habitually call “disadvantaged” carried out by the effective tool of a trained body), because the organicity of presence is such that it merges body and mind, intention and action, technical resources and personal content.
“These actors and these actresses – has been reaffirmed on several occasions by the Company – does not ask the indulgence beckon us to keep the emotion at a distance; do not claim, in their act on the scene, no therapeutic action, because the therapy is forced to stop on the threshold of a mystery that belongs to the inexplicability of-the-art”.

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