Last spring SIDIMA (Società Italiana Disability Manager) had sealed its first ten years of activity with an event that had also been the occasion to establish the National Day of disability Manager. We, therefore, the initial objectives and the results achieved so far by this organization to develop and promote at the national level, the figure of the disability manager from 2011 to today, In the spring we had reported how the SIDIMA (the Italian Society for Disability Manager) had wanted to go back over the first ten years of its activity, with an event that was also an opportunity to establish the National Day of the Disability Manager. So what is the budget of this organization, born in 2011?

The passing of a decade is usually a milestone worthy of note and in these ten years SIDIMA has aimed to develop its own incisive and concrete role in the context of disabilities, setting itself the objective of translating the concept of social inclusion into reality.
Born from an intuition of Rodolfo From Mora, architect and disability manager in the Hospital for Rehabilitation of High Specialization of Motta di Livenza (Treviso), as well as in the ULSS 2 Marca Trevigiana, and in the Municipality of Treviso, a professional that operates from over thirty years in the sphere of design, inclusive, and that he himself is a person with disabilities, the SIDIMA has supported it since the beginning and will spread in our Country, a figure like that of the disability manager, already present in other foreign companies, but working exclusively in the areas smaller, developing its function as a” facilitator ” towards people with disabilities, as well as a network creator.
Not surprisingly, in 2011 By the Brunette has formed and created the image of the disability manager at the Hospital, and Rehabilitation of Motta di Livenza, by inserting it in the organizational system of the company and providing services to the user and to the patients admitted in the structure, as well as consulting services to the patients themselves and their family for the environmental adaptation, along with a number of useful information on the tax profile, and technical (adjustment of motor vehicles), and under the aspect of inclusion.
That organizational model and that good practice with its functionality were therefore the stimulus to constitute the SIDIMA on April 20, 2011, non-profit association that has proposed the task of training and promoting the figure of the disability manager at national level.

Many, in ten years, initiatives and actions carried out under the banner of concrete on the floor of the Disability Management, all based on the concept of establishing specialized courses and dedicated, involving since 2010 some Italian Universities, initially through the specialization courses, which have become the Master of the First and Second Level, such as those of the University of Rome Tor Vergata and the University of Eastern Piedmont Amedeo Avogadro. A choice, this, motivated by a concept reiterated on several occasions by Dalla Mora, who defines Disability Management as ” a competence inserted in a professionalism already established. And all these skills are acquired through a dedicated training course. The professional, therefore, acquires them in turn and develops them in their own professional field”.

In recent years the spread of SIDIMA has also been structured from an organizational point of view: today, in fact, the Association has a representative in each region and some permanent committees dedicated to issues such as health, training, work, companies and international relations are part of it. It is also registered in the European Transparency Register and is a member of EASP, the European Association of service providers for people with disabilities. Furthermore, at European level it is working for projects such as GreenNet, as well as taking part in international initiatives in the field of social and work inclusion of people with disabilities. At the national level, finally, it has signed protocols of understanding with ANCI (National Association of Italian municipalities), with CONFIMI (Confederation of Italian manufacturing industry and private enterprise), with CNOAS (National Council of the Order of social workers) and with several public universities.

On June 20, 2020, SIDIMA presented the disability manager Manifesto, a document with which to define and define the work of the disability manager in the various sectors, outlining its competences, roles and specificities. Based on the Manifesto, the Association is working to involve institutions, companies and local administrations, to share their intentions and methods of action.

As mentioned initially, in the spring, to the will of the president From the delay and with the approval of the National management Committee, has established the National Day of the Disability Manager, sealed from the conference called 2011-2021: History, commitment and the future of the disability manager, an occasion that was useful to confirm and to give further visibility to the SIDIMA inside the world of the Third Sector. In parallel, it has also opened the International Award SIDIMA, with the aim of “to recognize an actual merit to the professionals, institutions, and public and private companies, and individual citizens who contribute by their activity, a material contribution to the construction of a new model of inclusive culture, breaking down barriers and preconceptions, still tied to the world of disability, disclosing also the professional figure of the disability manager”, as we had written on these pages.
Also on that occasion there has emerged a strong testimony that the disability manager is a figure of sorts with an interdisciplinary profile and a flexible structure, with the capacity to network, but that it must be particularly supported by the attitudes and skills training and cultural high-level, wanting to give you a solid foundation with the goal of social inclusion. (S. B.)

For further information: Sidima Press Office (Jessica Didone), [email protected]

Disability manager
This figure, you can define thus: is it a professional adequately remunerated, with a supervisory role in every sphere (accessibility, mobility, political, social, school, work etc.,), to supervise the compliance with the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and ensure that all the institutional actors, when planning, ask themselves: “This decision to that effect will have on people with disabilities?».
Disability Management
In the workplace it represents a business strategy useful to combine, in a satisfactory way, the needs of people with disabilities to be included – or already included – with the needs of companies.
The Italian disability Manager society is an association formed in April 2011 thanks to the will of the first Italian disability managers, who obtained this title by attending the first postgraduate course in Disability Manager organized by the University Center of Bioethics of the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart. The main objective of the SIDIMA is the research and promotion of the culture of Disability Management in different contexts, reference, such as the Institutions, Health care, and Companies, in order to raise awareness and protect the rights of people with disabilities and respect for the person in each of its appearance, size and the time of life, in accordance with the ratification of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, impacting with the force in the development of policies at national and local level, and working to make them more effective.
Last year SIDIMA published the disability manager Manifesto, a document in progress, still open to new members, available free of charge at this link.

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