Some requests have been made by the school group of the Lombard Federation LEDHA to the permanent working table for the Covid emergency of its regional school office, to guarantee all pupils, with and without disabilities, a return to school in safe conditions and respectful of the rights of all. Among the various instances even that relating to the need to check on a situation lamented by many families, that is the non-convening of the GLO (Operational Work Groups (for the Inclusion), which were due to take place by the end of June A number of claims have been advanced by the Group the School of LEDHA (the League for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, which is the component in lombardy for the FISH-the Italian Federation for Overcoming Handicaps), the permanent Work for the emergency Covid the Office of the Regional School of Lombardy, to ensure that all pupils, with and without disabilities, return to school safely and with respect for the rights of all.

The first request concerns the need to ensure the adoption by all schools matching and non-matching – including the CPIA (Provincial Centres for Adult Education) and educational services (0-3 years) – of all the measures indicated in the national regulations for the prevention of infection, and the recovery of teaching and educational activities in the presence and safety, including the obligation of ownership and duty of the performance of the Green Pass, than the safety distance, interpersonal of at least one meter, as well as the use of the mask.
The school group of LEDHA also asked that each head of the school communicate, for example through a circular addressed to all families, that they have verified the possession and display of the Green Pass by the school staff.

Compared to the Green Pass, was expressed in the instance that will be made clear on the obligatory or less of this certificate for the assistants to the autonomy and communication, “in analogy with the educational staff of the nests” in the light of the negative opinions expressed about by trade union representatives and experts.
Finally, in the event that it is necessary to suspend the activities of the school in the presence, making use of digital learning integrated, the School Group of LEDHA has asked that students with disabilities continue to attend classes on campus “in situations of real inclusion, accompanied by companions who are not disabled, belonging to the same class or the same section, involved in the rotation”.

As for pupils and students with disabilities, the request to the Office of the Regional School of Lombardy is to carry out a survey about a situation lamented by many parents, that is the non-convening of the GLO (Operational Work Groups (for the Inclusion), prescribed by the law, which was to take place by the end of June.
“The GLO – it is emphasized in fact-represents an important moment of the school path of pupils and pupils with disabilities, in which the provisional PEI (individualized educational plan) for pupils and pupils of new certification is drawn up and in which the final verification of the PEI of pupils and pupils already certified takes place”.
“It is the right of the family to participate in such meetings – conclkudono from the School Group of the LEDHA – and if the GLO has not been summoned, it is also the right of families to ask the school the release of an official document attesting to how many hours of teaching support and/or assistance for the autonomy and communication have been requested by the principal of the School to the son/daughter, and has also been reported to the needs of the transport and of the assistant hygiene/personal. In addition to the request for this document, the family may request that the GLO be urgently convened, to establish the objectives for the 2021-2022 school year and the consequent additions of support requests. In any case, the final EIP must be approved by 31 October.” (S. B.)

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