Many commitments and moments of visibility await in this week’s Village for all (V4A ® ), the famous network of hospitality, in correspondence with first Hospitality Day of tomorrow, the 12th of October, the Convention Center of Rimini, then, always in the city, from 13 to 15 October, the Fair IS Hospitality Design.

In addition, therefore, to be present with a booth at both events, the Village for all will participate tomorrow, October 12, with the founder and ceo Roberto Vitali, in the sphere of Hospitality Day (9.30 am), the meeting called Accessibility transparent, that is composed on the theme From the disabled room Design for encl Exceed the norm of the room with disabilities to create design for everyone.
Then, soon after, still Vitali will speak at the conference Health Tourism in Italy: great opportunity for development, with the intervention Village for all V4A accessible hospitality. Pierpaolo Sileri, undersecretary of the Ministry of Health, will also attend this meeting.
And finally, in the afternoon (18 hours), the delivery of V4A Awards 2021, the traditional recognition to the structures that provide the best hospitality accessible, with the participation of Vincent Falabella, national president of the FISH (the Italian Federation for Overcoming the Handicap).

At the Rimini Fair, instead,. Village fer all will present on October 13 (10-14) the accessibility for all project – Tourism4All, an initiative to develop and promote a wide network of cross-border tourist destination, with the natural and cultural heritage accessible, while on the next day of the 14th of October (10.30-12) will be present at the Oscar of the ecotourism of Legambiente, called The resumption of the fund in three words: Sustainability, Accessibility and Trust, the round table, during which we will tell you how the recovery of tourism in our Country is linked to the theme of sustainability, understood precisely in its three components: the environmental, social and economic.
And last but not least, Thursday 14 (12 hours), the organization of the meeting on the topic of accessible hospitality begins with design, that is, disabled people who make tourism are tourists. (S. B.)

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