On a hot August morning, the vital equipment of a lady with advanced ALS and artificial respiration, stopped working due to a failure in the delivery of electricity to the public grid. But the quick intervention implemented jointly by the Fire Brigade, Civil defence, the Police and the technician of the Company that provides the equipment, has allowed us to save a precious life, what has been recognized with a merit certificate from the AISLA (Italian Association of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (als) it Was the 21st of August, a hot morning in summer, which could turn into the last day for Rita, a person with ALS in advanced stage (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), with artificial respiration, when its vital equipment stopped working due to a failure in the delivery of electricity to the public grid.
The son, aware of the incident, tried to provide first aid to restore respiratory activity, calling immediately after both the Fire Brigade, promptly intervened, and the Civil Protection, to allow the restoration of safety for the safety of the lady. The technician of the company Sapio Life also quickly arrived, for the replacement of the equipment, while the State Police verified that everything was solved and the woman was no longer in danger of life.

“To all the participants in this serious emergency situation – said Paola Rizzitano, the contact point for Roma and Lazio of the AISLA (Italian Association of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (als) – are our most heartfelt gratitude and our most sincere thanks for the professionalism, dedication, and humanity shown on the occasion. When, in a team or in a national body with specific operational skills, empathy, kindness and patience are also added, This does not leave anyone indifferent and contributes to making even stronger and rooted the common feeling of attention and care of the true value of life”.

The AISLA, therefore, decided to send to the protagonists of the story, a certificate of merit to share with all men and women, who due to their promptness, professionalism, and sensitivity have helped to save the precious life of mrs. Rita. “We do not turn off the light on these stories – they emphasize from the association -, we do not stop telling the disease. And to remember it every year there will soon also be the National Day on ALS on September 19”. (S. B.)

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