Enhance their professionalism and their person by increasing skills in the tourism, social and relational field; acquire basic skills in the field of accessible and inclusive tourism to develop the culture of hospitality; to facilitate the experience of travellers with disabilities or specific needs, communicating in a way that is usable tourist and cultural information: are once again these are the clear objectives of Cityfriend, a startup with a social mission created to develop a new culture of tourism accessible and inclusive, in returning to propose, from the 18th to the 28th of October next, the course accessible Tourism and inclusive culture. I know, communicate, welcome, or how to relate to people with disabilities and solve the needs, on the go, of people with specific needs.

The novelty, compared to last year’s proposal, is that the course will still be partly online (Zoom platform), but also in the classroom in Turin (headquarters of the Anffas Association, via Carlo Bossi, 24).
“For the occasion– explain from Cityfriend-we have involved a team of teachers made of experts both in the tourism sector and issues related to disability. In fact, there will be lectures with Alessandro Parisi, Andrea Panattoni and Luisa Pavesi, founding members of our startup, while Paola Barbieri, an expert trainer in communication and disability, will hold the meeting dedicated to the reception of the person with specific needs and his family. For her part, Giulia Lamarca, psychologist and travel blogger, will focus on the needs of people with motor disabilities while traveling, while Matteo and Deborah, founders of TuVaiChePuoi.it, will present the protocols useful to verify the accessibility of itineraries and accommodation facilities. And still, Franco Lepore, president of the UICI Piedmont (Italian Union of the Blind and visually Impaired people), he will better understand how to communicate and relate with people with sensory disabilities, up to the psychologist Marida Giannattasio, who will introduce the topic of intellectual disabilities and social skills, with a particular focus on the needs of people with Down syndrome. And finally Arianna Porzi, president of Angsa Piemonte (National Association of parents of people with autism), will allow to acquire the basic skills for the reception and relationship with autistic people”. (S. B.)

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