“Inclusive education in Italy: paths and perspectives for the future”: we fall back to the title of the book, “The inclusion in Italy: paths, reflections and future perspectives”, which will also be presented for the occasion, the round table online, free of charge, sponsored by Erickson for September 13, which will be attended by Andrea Canevaro, Raffaele Ciambrone, Dario Inclusion and Salvatore Nocera. The appointment will fall within the ambit of the cycle of meetings of the approach at the conference Erickson of November next, “The Quality of inclusive education and social inclusion in Italy: paths and perspectives for the future: will fall back to the title of the recently published book by Erickson (inclusive education in Italy: paths, reflections, and perspectives for the future) and that will also be presented for the occasion, the round table online, free of charge, sponsored by the same Erickson for Monday, September 13, (17), within the framework of the cycle of meetings to approach the conference the quality of school and social inclusion, scheduled from 12 to 14 November, of which we will have the opportunity to discuss extensively.

In the intentions of the promoters, “the meeting will allow a reflection and a comparison around the most urgent issues that concern the educational needs of pupils with disabilities or with DSA (specific learning disorders) and the proposals aimed at building a truly welcoming and inclusive school. It will also address the issues related to the professional profiles of the inclusive teacher and the correct ways to monitor and evaluate the quality of inclusion, all in the light of the regulatory changes introduced by Legislative Decree 66/17 on school inclusion”.

Speakers at the round table Andrea Canevaro, a professor emeritus of the University of Bologna, the scholar thought, with good reason, the “father of Special education in Italy”; Raffaele Ciambrone, teacher and educator, leader of the Ministry of Education, that the Ministry has directed from 2011 to 2018, the Central Office that processes of inclusion of pupils with disabilities; Dario Inclusion, professor of Pedagogy and Special education at the Free University of bozen-Bolzano; Salvatore Nocera, former vice president and head of the school of FISH (Italian Federation for the overcoming of the Handicap), in which he is now president of the committee of guarantors, as well as member of the school Observatory of the AIPD (Italian Association of people Down) and also appreciated and frequent signature of “Superando.it”.

As for the book inclusive education in Italy: paths, reflections and future perspectives, it offers a complete picture of the historical and normative, of the inclusive education in Italy and analyzes the complex topic of disability, certifications, and to the design of the education, training and the initial of the teachers monitoring the quality of inclusion. All issues, therefore, which will also be at the heart of the round table on 13 September. (S. B.)

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