The first time had been focused mostly on disability, while the second had seen the opening to all artists, with and without disabilities, in order not to create a fence for a few. This year, however, the focus of the Festival of the Ability of Milan, in the program for 11 and 12 September, will be the desire to make the art really accessible to all, including sculpture, painting, theater, poetry, dance, and yoga, but also body care and new technologies at the service of people. It is not by chance that the driving theme will be Universal Design, that is, the universal design sculpture, painting, theater and poetry. And still dance and yoga for body care and new technologies at the service of people: the Festival of the Ability of Milan, which arrives this year at its third edition [read on our pages, two different summaries of the edition of last year to this, and at this link, N. d.R.], it is a project born with the aim of engaging a different narrative of disability, enhancing the beauty of diversity and the creation of visions and practices for building change. A cultural event and a show of Performing Arts that has set itself an ambitious goal: to use art as an instrument of integration and dialogue between the world of disability and that of the so-called “Able-Bodied”.

That is why over the years the Festival has changed its face: the first edition was very focused on disability. Already from the following year, however, the promoters have chosen to open to all artists, with and without disabilities. A decision, this, dictated by the will to ” not create a fence for the few – it is explained – – To make real integration it was necessary to work on a format that was “integral”, then simply open to the talent of everyone, regardless of their condition”.
The focus of the Festival, therefore, has shifted and is focused today on making art accessible to all. “Today the goal – it is emphasized again – is to make the festival of skills a totally accessible event”. In addition to the most common elements, in fact (Lis interpretation, subtitles, audio descriptions), the organizers are committed every year to research and identify new ideas to promote the best possible use of all the experiences proposed during the review. Just last year, for example, was the idea of making shadows “tactile” thanks to the contribution of an artist who replicated the shapes produced by the games of light on some cards.

The driving theme of the new edition will be Universal Design, a theme that is linked to the Milan Design Week, currently underway, and that wants to question the possibility of making art really accessible to everyone. There will therefore be a guest on the theme: Giulio Ceppi, designer and founder of Total Tool, starting from the exhibition Sociocromie. 100 years in 25 colors, on display at the National Museum of Science and Technology Leonardo Da Vinci in Milan, will ask Chiara Rodriquez about the color of different abilities. It will also be presented, Sunday 12, the seatway wheelchair, a project of the Mantovani Castorina Foundation-organizer of the festival of skills-and of the friendly company and Entrepreneur Association.

And yet, in the course of the new edition of the Festival will be presenting the various art workshops and experiences for the public: a wine tasting in the dark with the help of the Sommelier Stefano Semeria, the workshop of the science of cosmetics and naturopathy, a sculpture workshop, four hands, led by a blind sculptor Felice Tagliaferri and music aimed at children with Simone Longoni, Roobi Roobi and Umberto Valsecchini.
There are also performances of electro-acoustic machines by Mechanics for Dreamers, dance and theater, painting with Davide Ratzo Ratti.
Appointment, therefore, for September 11 and 12, from 16 to 23, in the park of the Red Church Library in Milan.

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