Also the fish Lazio Federation and the ANGSA Lazio association, with other representatives of the associative world, participated in the hearing held at the IX Commission of the Regional Council of Lazio, dedicated to the resumption of the 2021-2022 school year. Compared to students with disabilities, the main problems that have emerged seem once again to concern transportation and also the resignation of many teachers, especially support, which will once again preclude the entrance to the classroom on the same day of their comrades to many pupils with disabilities
Also Stefania Stellino, the president of the ANGSA Lazio (National Association of Parents of Persons with Autism) and vice-president of the FISH Lazio (Italian Federation for Overcoming Handicaps), together with other representatives of the association participated in the Hearing held at the IX Permanent Commission Work, Education, Youth, Equal Opportunities, Education and Law with the Study of the Lazio Regional Council, chaired by councillor Eleanor Matthias, who was on the order of the day for the Resumption of the school year 2021-2022, Rocco Pinneri, general director of the Regional School Office, Monica Sansoni, Regional Children’s guarantor and representatives of ANCI (National Association of Italian municipalities), UPI (Union of Italian provinces), school leaders and Trade Unions also participated.

Numerous, and for the most part shared, were the issues addressed for the occasion, of interest to students and students with disabilities, however, as was soon pointed out, from a situation of enormous advantage compared to last year, if it is true that the vaccination coverage should avoid the use of digital learning integrated.
In particular, it has supported the need to use masks transparent and visors for all those who work with students with intellectual disabilities and neurodevelopmental, as well as sensory, and to provide for the use of those type FFP2 especially to the range from zero to six years. In this regard, the director of the Regional School Office Pinneri confirmed the availability of such equipment, using the funds already provided to schools, on the basis of requests documented by medical indication.

As for public transport, still Pinneri reported that currently, you can count on an increase of 60% of the available vehicles (3.700 means), denouncing however, in a few days by the sound of the first bell [that is, in the Lazio will be on the 13th of September, N. d.R.], the problem is not economic in nature, but relates to the shortage of buses and the lack of drivers. “A problem – is emphasized by Fish Lazio – that perhaps should have already been solved, after more than a year of advanced requests in this sense!».
Compared to the lines specifically dedicated to schools, to make them more recognizable, this year the vehicles will have the same livery as those of public transport (ATAC), since last year the service, which used tourist buses, was largely underutilized by students, both because little advertised, but above all because not of immediate recognition.
“Therefore, – comment from FISH Lazio, the problem of transport, is still a violation of human rights with a view to reopening, so much to be expected also for the school year 2021-2022, as already from the internal communication of the Regional School Office 2 September, inputs differentiated for upper-secondary schools (at 8 and at 9.40 a.m., in anticipation of 20 minutes compared to last year, to meet the more that right the complaints of the students and families), and hours 50 minutes. And this is always at the expense of family organization and study!».
The director of the Regional School Office also confirmed that he could provide for the possibility of derogating from the rule of differentiated hours for those institutions that can guarantee optimal standards of non-Assembly with regard to transport, as last year.

Another painful note is that relating to the resignation of many teachers, especially support, about a hundred, which unfortunately also this year will preclude the entrance to the classroom on the same day of their comrades to many students with disabilities. “These are renunciations – according to Stefania Stellino – due in most cases to the fear of having to confront disability without adequate training. Once again, therefore, both as ANGSA Lazio and as fish Lazio, we have placed attention on the fundamental importance of specialization on support, with qualified and qualifying formations”. On this point, Director Pinneri informed of the existence of resources to be invested, to hire additional staff related to the Pandemic Emergency.

And again, as pertaining to the obligation of the Green Pass, during the Hearing, it was highlighted the severe forgetfulness present in the Decree-Law 111/21 (urgent Measures for the exercise in the safety of schools, universities, social and in the field of transport) to provide for such a requirement for all staff who daily work with students with disabilities, forgetfulness, to which yesterday, the 9th of September, the Council of Ministers has remedied by extending the obligation itself. Since, however, the conversion into law of the decree will presumably not take place before October 5, it was asked to guarantee entry to school only to vaccinated people, through an extensive interpretation of the amendment, an indication on which director Pinneri expressed his favor, to be concretized with an official note.
Finally, there will be thirty, in Lazio, the so-called “Sentinel schools”, those in which a periodic monitoring on the spread of the virus will be implemented through the administration of tests to students (salivary swabs).

It should be remembered, in conclusion, that Stellino also wanted to strongly reiterate, in the case of an unfortunate resurgence of the pandemic, that teaching is always guaranteed in the presence for students with disabilities, where it was requested by families. (S. B.)

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