Will Maria Teodolinda Saturn, author of the book “History of inclusive education in Italy”, and Salvatore Nocera, one of the “fathers” of the inclusive education in Italy, this volume he edited the preface, the protagonists, on the 13th of September, the meeting with which you will open the interesting web series “meet the masters”, open appointments, during which will be in-depth some of the issues relating to the inclusion. It is therefore a question of a reflection of the two items, in which history, law, and pedagogy will intertwine inextricably linked, with cross-references to current events, “I Wanted to share a text that could be an agile reference, regulatory, educational, propped up by references to operating to the daily challenges of every teacher faces in the management inclusive of the class and of the most complex cases”: they are the words of Maria Teodolinda Saturn, about his recent work History of inclusive education in Italy. Reading the pedagogical rules, published by Different, that on our pages we presented some time ago as a real “trip in the history of inclusive education in italy, in the research of cultural constructs, educational values, that is trasmutano in teaching practices inclusive”, giving space in their entirety to the preface of the volume, edited by Salvatore Nocera, one of the “fathers” of the inclusive education in Italy.
A book, we had also added, of which it is certainly worth a suggest reading not only teachers or aspiring teachers, but to anyone who has to do, in different ways, with the rights of persons with disabilities, as well as to all those who want to get in touch with a great little insight into the social history (and not only) of our Country.

Maria Teodolinda Saturno and Salvatore Nocera will be the protagonists, in the afternoon of September 13 (18 hours), of the inaugural meeting of an interesting web series proposed in the YouTube channel of several everyone and open to anyone who wants to participate.
These are meetings with the Masters, during which some issues regarding inclusion will be discussed from time to time. Specifically, starting with the provocative title of the first date (are special schools ghettos?), will recall the heated debate that characterized a crucial moment in the evolution of the history of Italian school inclusion.
“In fact – underlines Saturn-since 1968 the public school opens to the inclusion of pupils and pupils with disabilities in common schools, for the first time in the world. We are witnessing the birth of a school that begins to implement the constitutional principle according to which “the school is open to all””.

A theme, therefore, always pressing topical, all the more in correspondence with the beginning of a new school year, and which, in particular, will become the cue for a reflection with two voices, in which history, legislation and pedagogy will be inextricably intertwined, with references to the current. (S. B.)

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