Three intense days of films, books and music, by the Association of Volonwrite, with the support of many Institutions and partnerships of various Associations, and the intention of facing the disability overcoming stereotypes and prejudices that, historically, the sin and defile the representation, through the stories and people that can turn the perspectives of pietism to be a part of the “heroism” of the other, towards an approach of “normality” will be all over this, from 17 to 19 September, the first Disability Film Festival in Turin, entitled” Modi di essere ” Turin has always been the city of thematic film festivals, with festivals such as Seeyousound, Cinemambiente, Lovers and many others. However, there was a lack of a specific focus on disability. We therefore thought to fill this gap through the Disability Film Festival, a bet that we managed to carry out in port, despite the thousand difficulties related to the pandemic. Our goal is to get the theme out of its traditional and institutional places, leading it to confront the outside world, with the city and with the expressive languages, real ambassadors of a possible Cultural Revolution. And also the choice of having the event in Via Baltea 3, in the Barriera di Milano district, should be understood in this perspective: so Marco Berton, coordinator of the first Disability Film Festival in Turin, presents this event, which is expected from the 17th to the 19th of September, three intense days of film, books, music, organized by the Associazione torinese Volonwrite, with the support of many Institutions and partnerships of various Associations and intention to deal with the issue of disability at three hundred and sixty degrees, overcoming the stereotypes and prejudices that historically grip it and contaminate its representation, through stories and people able to turn the perspectives of pietism on the one hand, of “heroism” on the other towards an approach of “normality”.

“There is fervor among us – comments Mauro Costanzo, president of Volonwrite – for this first” ciak ” of a project in which we believe very much and that will offer us the opportunity to reflect on disability through films, books and sports with a figure that is customary for us. We are particularly proud to be able to count on a rich and varied program with notable guests, among whom I would like to mention Martina Caironi, multiple Paralympic champion. In this sense we will try to ride the long wave of the Tokyo Paralympics in terms of enthusiasm, positive optics and also, aspect that concerns us closely, in the perspective of the narrative”.

To explain the title chosen for this debut, that is, Ways of being, is Carmen Riccato, Artistic director of the Festival: “With the title” Ways of being – he said – we are going to represent our perspective in relation to the subject: it is an internal point of view that inhibits the impasse language is imbued with the political correctness that wants to be inclusive and to which we are accustomed in the narrative of daily life. We are in fact surrounded by communication and entertainment professionals who present people with disabilities as suffering or as if diversity was something else, external to the person himself. Our approach has a strong identity character, in the belief that disability affects-for better or worse-the way we are in the world and how we relate to others. On the screen, between pages or notes, people will be at the center of everyday life and their inner universe; the works presented run along the margin of authentic stories, not always consoling, but certainly true”.

So let’s start with the guests of honor of the Festival, who will first be the activist and writer Luca Trapanese, the first single man to have adopted a girl with Down syndrome in Italy, and the aforementioned Paralympic champion Martina Caironi. The first, in addition to attend the opening ceremony on Friday (17, 17), will present on Saturday, 18 (15) the book Born to thee – the Story of the Dawn told between us, written with Luca Mercadante (Einaudi, 2018), while Caironi will answer the questions of Marco Berton (Saturday 18, 16.30), in a special interview, and Carmen Riccato, as well as subsequent to those of the public, together with the director, Marco Zuin, after the screening of the film Nothing is written (on Saturday, April 18, 20.45) of which is the protagonist along with the late journalist Piergiorgio Cattani.

As for the films, the selection focused mainly on short and medium documentary films of independent production, some of which have already been awarded at prestigious national and international festivals.
Friday 17 therefore, is scheduled at 18 All crazy for Paul Donato Canosa, the history of the relationship and the shared passion for the cinema between a student with autism at the age of twelve and their teacher support, followed (21 hours) from Pupae of Mirko Locatelli (of which we also report an extensive interview published on our pages), this film was made through a series of interviews with girls and boys on their way of life disability.
Saturday 18, then, is provided at the opening of the evening (20.30), the projection of the short film, ” A Woman Like Me Isabel Morales Bondy (first national), the story of the trip in Nepal, a woman Danish deafblind and of the encounter with another woman who lives in the same condition and If You Knew of the Stroma Cairns, description of the relationship between two brothers and the deaf. Following the aforementioned nothing is written by Marco Zuin.
Sunday 19 finally, the space to the deepening of the topics of sexuality and affectivity with Unforgettable Gianluca Santoni (17.15), the story of the first experience of intimacy, of a young woman with a disability and is Not love this Teresa Hall (18 hours), journey into the private sphere of the protagonist Barbara Apuzzo.
It should be remembered that after all the screenings a meeting with the directors is planned.

Another particularly noteworthy appointment, scheduled for Sunday 18 (15 hours), will be that with the journalist and writer Matteo Spicuglia, author of We two are one. Story of Andrea Soldi, who died of a TSO (ADD, 2021), a book based on one of the most discussed news events of recent years. Nor will there be moments of confrontation with personalities from the world of culture, such as the artist Marta Telatin and the writer Alessandra Cinque (protagonists of the opening ceremony), and communication, such as the expert critic of unconventional cinema, human rights, cultural policies and work Chiara Zanini.

And last but not least, the music, with the participation of independent artists of the Turin scene, such as the Italian-Colombian singer and musician Estel Luz, the indie singer-songwriter Ama il Lupo and the trumpeter and composer Ramon Moro. There will also be the dj set curated by Luciano (historical DJ of the fluid) and Gianluca” Cato ” Senatore (guitarist of the Bluebeaters), while the Festival will also be “told” Live Through the drawings of the writer and cartoonist Claudio Marinaccio. (S. B.)

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