Video Highlights: FeatureTerminatoR Package deal for R

By | August 13, 2021

FeatureTerminatoR is an R package deal to take away unimportant variables from statistical and machine studying fashions mechanically. The motivation for this package deal is easy, whereas there are lots of packages that do comparable issues, few of them carry out automated elimination of the options out of your fashions. This was the motivation, plus having them multi function location to allow you to simply discover them, in any other case you’d be wanting by way of Caret, Tidymodels and mlr3 documentation all day lengthy.



The related vignette is the perfect place to study all of the options and the way to use them within the mannequin. Additionally, see the supporting GitHub for assist with set up and getting began. The writer gives the video presentation under to assist get you accustomed to how the package deal works: