What to Look for in Cloud Security?

By | June 28, 2023

What to look for in cloud security? The popularity of cloud applications and software has increased dramatically in recent years. While using cloud services brings many benefits to businesses and employees, it also brings new cybersecurity risks.

The ability to log in to cloud applications from any location has created convenient conditions for employees and businesses, but it is also an opportunity for cybercriminals to exploit the vulnerability. labour.

Accordingly, in order to take full advantage of the potential and advantages of cloud applications and services, organizations and businesses need to pay attention and avoid some basic mistakes to ensure a successful cloud security strategy. can operate efficiently, while also ensuring users and enterprises’ networks are safe from cyber attacks. dhra.info will provide for you some information about what to look for in cloud security.

what to look for in cloud security

what to look for in cloud security

what to look for in cloud security

Measures should be taken to manage and control login accounts

what to look for in cloud security, one of the key things when using cloud services is that any cloud account needs to be properly secured, using a complex, unique password and equipped with multi-factor authentication, to In the event that passwords are stolen, leaked or guessed, there is an additional barrier that helps prevent and limit account takeover and abuse.

In addition, organizations should also consider providing their employees with a password management software. With this software, users will no longer have difficulty remembering passwords, so they can create passwords that are longer, more complex, and less likely to be compromised.

Don’t ignore security updates and patches

Hackers regularly seek to exploit known vulnerabilities in applications to infiltrate and create the basis for cyber attacks. So, one of the most important things to improve an organization’s cybersecurity is to apply security updates and patches as soon as possible.

Do not rely entirely on the cloud to store data

what to look for in cloud security, One of the main benefits of cloud applications and services is the availability, users can access data stored in the cloud from anywhere and from any device they are using.

However, that does not mean that data stored in the cloud is accessible at all times. In many cases, the system can experience problems leading to downtime and data can also be tampered with by hackers.

If an enterprise’s cloud system is compromised by hackers, the data can be deleted or used by ransomware gangs to extort money by deleting backups stored in the cloud and demanding a ransom from the enterprise. retrieve data.

What you need to know about cloud security

what to look for in cloud security

what to look for in cloud security

When businesses are looking to move part or all of their sales operations to the cloud, what to look for in cloud security, there’s one question they’ve always wondered about: security. Will my website be secure on the cloud? Is it easy to lose stored data when attacked on the network? Can the servers handle a DDoS attack? What is cloud security and how does it work in the business?…. Cloud security is on a mission to be the solution to all of these questions, making it an essential part of creating a cloud computing environment that ensures businesses across the globe. Globally by providing network solutions with scalability and flexibility, cloud computing presents great opportunities as well as challenges.

What is cloud security?

Cloud security provides multiple levels of control within the network infrastructure to seamlessly provide and protect web assets and web applications based on cloud hosting. Whether on a public or private cloud basis, it is essential for businesses to balance DDoS protection, high availability, data security, and regulatory compliance in service delivery. cloud security.

The benefits of a cloud security solution

what to look for in cloud security

what to look for in cloud security

Let’s take a look at the benefits of a secure cloud solution combined with the performance of a content delivery network (CDN).

1. Protection against DDoS attacks

what to look for in cloud security, DDoS attacks are on the rise, especially for retail and gaming websites. In 2014, a study by CDN Networks found a 29% increase in DDoS attacks on customer websites. Amplification attacks, a type of DDoS attack that bring down the system, nullify legitimate user requests by sending traffic to a website or web system application that is significantly higher than that of a legitimate user. Normal.

If a DDoS attack is successful, it will disable the website for hours or even days. This can lead to lost revenue and costs if you are running ads.

A company that has cloud security built into their CDN platform minimizes the impact of these attacks.

2. High convenience

The web property can be a set of applications or a business website, all of which are important above all else. A secure solution that provides ongoing support, including live monitoring, is becoming a business necessity. CDNs also enhance the delivery of website content and application functions on a global scale.
CDN has built-in flexibility, allowing protection against a wide range of DDoS attacks. It uses a global network of PoPs to equalize incoming traffic whether it is a legitimate or anomalous traffic that needs to be redirected, what to look for in cloud security

3. Data security

Several major data breaches at companies led to 2014 being dubbed the year of data breaches. Accordingly, professionals and executives want to do everything they can to prevent data breaches at their own companies. As a result, investments in access control, intrusion prevention, identity management, and malware protection are on the rise.

Along with the type of investment is a security protocol to protect communications between users and company servers. CDNs have added security protocols in their network to protect sensitive information and purchases eg against eavesdropping or message tampering… E-commerce sites should look for a CDN with PCI compliance and strict digital management system.

4. Compliance with regulations

what to look for in cloud security, Some industries such as financial institutions and e-commerce are bound by more government regulations than others. A robust CDN can provide an enhanced infrastructure that supports regulatory compliance and protects consumers’ personal and financial data.

The Internet is a global tool, it not only enables new international opportunities for business but also creates existing challenges that are reliability and security. Enhanced CDNs can provide support for all three key areas of a company’s cloud-based assets.

Choosing the right CDN provider with cloud security capabilities will provide you, your company with a comprehensive approach to DDoS attack mitigation, utilizing its global network and features. Other advanced security features.