7 Best Free Cloud Computing Services

By | July 14, 2023

The network of remote computers that are hosted on the internet is used by cloud computing to store, manage, and process data. It enables various enterprises to concentrate their efforts on their primary objectives while cloud service providers handle the IT infrastructure.

The IT industry typically feels apprehensive when implementing new software or technologies because doing so can necessitate adding personnel and investing in expensive infrastructure. However, businesses can save costs by using free cloud computing services.

Today, a variety of free cloud computing services are available for both personal and professional use. To choose the one that best meets your demands, you simply need to learn more about them. The top free cloud computing servers and their features are listed by dhra.info below.

7 Free Cloud Computing Services

free cloud computing

free cloud computing

1. Google Drive

Many of us use Google Drive to keep documents and PowerPoint slides, whether deliberately or unknowingly. It provides 15GB of free storage. If our computer or mobile device is synced with our google account, using Google Drive is simple. It is simple to access Google Drive and look up the necessary files, even if we are offline or the network is slow. This is a well-known example of a free cloud computing. Google Drive users have the ability to create and share folders. Other Google apps have access to the same storage. Google Drive makes it simple to collaborate with others.

2. Amazon Web Services Free Tier

The biggest cloud hosting provider in the world, Amazon Web Services (AWS), grants new clients immediate qualification for the AWS free tier. For the first year after you sign up, the AWS Free Tier offers you an obligation-free AWS experience. You will have free access to their goods and services after setting up an Amazon Web Services account, subject to usage restrictions.

3. Google Drive

free cloud computing

free cloud computing

We generate a file, upload it to the Internet, and then sync it to our PCs. This is how cloud storage functions, as we are all aware with. While this is largely true for Google Drive, there are other aspects of its online storage that set it apart. Users can keep their information in a more private manner using the free 15GB of storage that is offered to them.

Additionally, Google Drive features an offline feature that enables users to access the online files and photographs even when they are not connected to the internet. Additionally connected with all other Google services, Google’s free cloud storage has a variety of uses.

4. Oracle Cloud Platform for free

Oracle Cloud Platform offers a free trial that lasts for a maximum of 3,500 hours. To take advantage of the trial, you simply need to register with them and confirm your contact information. You can use the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Platform, which provides services like autonomous databases, infrastructure services, application development, analytics, administration, security, and integration, with the help of the free credits.

5. Dropbox

free cloud computing

free cloud computing

Users can access a number of very useful features using Dropbox’s free storage. One of these is its 2GB of free storage. However, there are plans that customers can subscribe to in order to receive the storage of their choosing if they require more capacity.

Dropbox allows users to store any kind of document securely, including PowerPoint presentations, Word documents, PDFs, images, and other media. Additionally, Dropbox offers its users simple sync tools so they can access their files and documents on any device. Last but not least, free Dropbox storage can protect all of your files on a lost device by wiping the data using its remote wipe option.

6. OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive, one of the most well-known storage options today, offers consumers a free cloud computing option that allows them to keep their information accessible. Users of OneDrive can store their papers in their 10GB of free storage. It comes pre-installed on all Windows OS-powered devices, although it may be accessed at any time from any device.

7. iCloud

The Apple iCloud is the greatest free cloud computing option for Apple users. It offers 5GB of free storage to its subscribers. It is simple to use, just like other cloud storage, and you can be sure that your files will be stored securely.

Regardless of when they were taken, you can browse, search, and share all of your photographs and videos with iCloud from any of your devices. Additionally, no matter what device you use, you can instantly access the files you store safely in iCloud Drive. Finally, it enables you to rename, color-code, and arrange your files using folders. Additionally, you don’t need to worry because all of your devices will be updated with the modifications you made.


Even though cloud storage makes it easier to access and store our data, it’s important to keep in mind that it’s not completely secure. Therefore, it is wise to use a cloud service that offers our information and photographs superior encryption and security. Sharing private photos on the cloud requires caution. The finest thing that technology has provided us, aside from this, is cloud storage.